Finding a good Manager and Mentor

As a new property agent who just passed RES examination, finding a good manager and mentor is the most important step of all.

Most new agents simply go for an estate agency’s recruitment talk and joined the business by signing up under the manager who was assigned to conduct the recruitment talk without going through selection process.

Before you make the same mistake, take some time to read the following to understand more:

Importance of choosing a good Manager and Mentor

Talk to any notable businessperson, and they probably had a mentor. Mentors help you define your personal and professional philosophies, develop skills and abilities, and provide counsel as you lay out your plans. An effective mentor should be an outstanding role model whose guidance you are honored to follow—someone you’d like to emulate. It is a completely honest relationship with someone willing to show you the ropes, help you to understand your goals, and assist you in developing the plans to achieve those goals.

Your manager is the person whom you choose to follow or assigned by the agency. You are placed under his care from then on. Choosing the right manager with the right background and knowledge is important so that he can help you to jumpstart your business. If you intend to focus on HDB market, look for a manager who is conversant with HDB resale and not someone with superior knowledge on private residential or commercial properties. Your manager should assist you with the right advice, especially the procedure and legal issues, and vice versa if you want to focus on private residential or commercial properties.

Your mentor makes it significantly easier for you to truly get your business up and running, and they will help you overcome your concerns. Whether you’re worried about how much to offer for a deal or how you’ll come up with the money to fund your deals, a real estate mentor can guide you through the process and bear some of the stress.

Finding the right manager and mentor

The followings are some points for your consideration before you decide which leader to follow:

  1. It is important to realise that mentoring is a two-way relationship, where there are interests and aspirations you share. You benefit from the mentor’s counsel, ideas, and life experiences; they benefit from the process of teaching and sharing. A true mentor will take satisfaction from seeing you achieve your potential. A truly caring and skilled mentor doesn’t look at you for what you are now, but sees what you will be and understands the role they can play in helping your realize your dreams.
  2. Make sure that you feel very comfortable with the manager and mentor during the interview. If you choose this person, he will be someone who will guide you and you have to face him for a period of time, maybe years!
  3. You must find a manager with great passion about the business someone you look up to.
  4. Find someone with great vision, or at least you share his values.
  5. Do not just believe in everything the manager tells you, some managers will give you empty promises. Get to know the person by attending the manager’s team meeting or training sessions, this is one of the best ways to assess how the manager operates.
  6. Talk to other agents who are in this manager’s team. Ask for their sincere and honest opinions and advice.

Understand that a mentor’s time is valuable, their attention is sought after, and their interest is not to be taken lightly. Mentors became successful by exercising good judgment, and it’s up to you to make sure their investment in you is worthwhile. They are looking to help people who are driven to succeed. They are looking for passion, commitment, and willingness to learn.

Our Recommendation

Look for a leader, a mentor and a manager who is still on the frontline doing sales! Many so-called real estate mentors are full time mentors and not salespersons anymore. A mentor who is well-versed in both HDB and Private Properties is a rare gem. Many focus on one of these markets only. It will be good to find someone who has all rounded experience in all sectors, even in Commercial and Industrial properties.

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