New Property Agent

Welcome to the Real World of Real Estate!

After 4 to 6 weeks wait for your exam result, you finally confirmed that you have cleared RES Examination! Finally you are a qualified Real Estate Salesperson in Singapore. Congratulations!

You are about to begin a career that can lead you from rags to riches, fame and fortune.

Yet, statistics shows that 70% to 85% of property agents drop out on their first year after joining the business. Therefore, your first year in this business is a very critical year. If you can get it through with your passion and enthusiasm intact, you definitely stand a very good chance to achieve great success.

Now you have to start by choosing an estate agency to work in and a mentor to work with. So which one to start with? Choose the agency first? Or find a mentor first?

Our opinion is try to find a good mentor who can guide and support you. But if you have no one in mind, then start by deciding an estate agency of your choice, then search for a mentor within.

You next few steps are very important. Do take some time to read more about joining a good agency and finding a good manager and mentor.

If you are seriously exploring to pursue real estate as your career, feel free to  CONTACT US  to explore more opportunities.

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