Why choose to be a Property Agent

There are few ways to climb out of a stagnant wage rate. Owning your own business is one that works and can provide a lifetime of benefits.  The thing about starting a new business though is that it can be expensive.

The good news is that becoming a real estate agent can get you started in your own business at a very low relative cost.  The cost of a license exam course and the test is really all you need.

Here are the 7 reasons why property career is a better way to achieve your financial dreams:

1. Property is a necessity

No matter who you are, Young or Old, Man or Woman, Married or Single, Rich or Poor, Singaporean or Permanent Resident, Expatriate or Foreign Student, you need a shelter. As a property agent, everyone can be your customer!

2. People always buy or sell their properties for all kind of reasons

Whether they are getting Married or Divorced, Upgrade or Downgrade, Change of Job or Migration, or just want to stay near to their parents or schools, people buy or sell their properties. Not to mention, investors who are looking for another investment opportunity or home owners who need to cash out. People even sell their properties because of trying to get away from their ‘nasty’ neighbours! The above are just some of the many reasons…

In whatever ways, your service is always needed as a property agent!

3. Recession Proof

No matter in what kind of economic situation, people buy or sell properties. During UP time, many property owners want to sell to cash out at a good price. During DOWN turn, many property hunters and investors are out there looking for distressed properties to buy.

There are always money to be made in real estate, whether the real estate market is hot, cold, or holding still. As a property agent, you don’t have to worry about economic situations.

You will never be out of job. Just be prepared and be flexible.

4. Huge Growing Market

Singapore is now a world class financial, medical and educational hub. Property transactions in Singapore amount to hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Furthermore, the government has already made plans to expand its population further from 5 million to 6.9 million by 2030!

With its growing population and businesses, all sectors of real estate market: residential, commercial and industrial properties will all be in great demand. As a property agent, you have a huge growing market!

5. Unlimited Earning Potential

For most Singaporeans, home is usually their largest single investment they have ever invested. With the sharp increase in property prices, even some HDB flats are now selling past a million dollar mark today.

Translating into monetary rewards, every property transaction means a hefty commission to be earned. Many top producers in the industry earn 6 figures income yearly and consistently.

Of course, the potential of earning good money is always one of the strongest motivators for many to become a property agent.

6. Chance to learn from the Rich

All the richest persons throughout the whole world, either own many properties or have property related businesses.

As a property agent, you may get the chance to meet some of the super rich individuals whom you can hardly meet if you stay in your job. You may even get the chance to work with them and learn the way they invest!

In fact, many property agents themselves are millionaires and investors.

7. You are your own boss

Besides the opportunity to meet various people from all walks of life, flexible working hours is especially important for many property agents. You can plan your working hours so that you can fetch your kids to and from school. You can be there when someone in your family needs help urgently. Of course, you no longer need to get the approval from your boss for taking leaves to go for a holiday. You have all the freedom to decide your holiday schedule.

After knowing the “WHY” and if you think Real Estate career is what you are looking for, please proceed to read the following section on AT a glance: How to become a property agent?

If you are seriously exploring to pursue real estate as your career, feel free to contact us to explore more opportunities.

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