Preparations to become a Property Agent

A new career? Financial independence? Time freedom? Dream cars? Dream houses? Dream holidays? All these are definitely possible if you succeed in real estate.

Being successful in a real estate career isn’t “rocket science,” but it isn’t “as easy as falling off a log” either. Entering the business with realistic expectations and a plan for overcoming obstacles will help to avoid becoming a statistic.

Before you embark your journey further into real estate, please read the followings pointers and tips:

– Attitude & Mindset

Real estate career is not a 9 to 5 desk-bound salary paying job. There are no ‘boss’ to order you what to do. On the contrary, it is more like a business! You are the CEO and boss of a company! You are captain of your own ship and you decide where your destination is. You need to have “Business Owner Mentality” and take ownership.

Always remember: this is your business, not your manager’s business. Other people can guide or assist you, but no one can make you successful except yourself!

– Sign up for RES Course and Pass your Exam first

With the set up of Council of Estate Agents (CEA) since October 2010, new salespersons are compulsory to take RES Course  and pass RES Exam in order to get their licence. This whole process of may take 3 to 6 months. Please read more on the next section about Estate Agent Licence and Real Estate Salesperson Registration, RES Courses and RES Examination

– Be prepared for no income for at least 3 to 6 months

Please take note if you plan to join the real estate industry full time. Unless you have ready deals to close the moment you step into this business, you have to spend some time to prospect, serve your clients to view properties or market your listing properties before closing your first deal. Generally, most new agents need at least 3 to 6 months to collect their first commission cheque. Either you have some back-up savings to see you through this period, or you have to do this business part time. But if you do part-time, then you have to lower your expectations because you will only get part-time results.

– Goal setting & Action Plans

This is a life changing business, but it will be life changing only if you are prepared for it! Please be aware that your income will not be consistent especially when you are new. You have to plan and set your goals right from the start. Plan your budget so that you will not run out of funds. Create an action with the help of  your mentor or manager.

The real estate business can be fun, exciting and a very satisfying career. However, you have to make it happen within the next one to two years. Have a plan, build solid customer base, and working hard are the keys to success.

If you think you are ready, then don’t hesitate, a great business opportunity is waiting ahead. Next, find out more about Estate Agent Licence and Real Estate Salesperson Registration

If you are seriously exploring to pursue real estate as your career, feel free to contact us to explore more opportunities.

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