Why AsianPrime?

Top 5 Reasons to join AsianPrime

#1 Reason: AsianPrime Training System

The more you Learn, the more you Earn! AsianPrime Training System is your blueprint for success!

JumpStart Training covers all aspects of what new property agents need to know and get their engine started. Property Agent Coaching Program helps to build momentum in existing agent’s business and propel them to reach for new heights.

An educated agent is a productive agent, and a productive agent is a happy agent! If you think that learning is essential and education must be continual and lifelong, AsianPrime is definitely your best choice.


#2 Reason: AsianPrime’s Culture

Our greatest asset is our company culture. We consider AsianPrime is like a ‘Kampong’ and filled with kampong spirit. Everyone plays a role in the success of the systems and processes. Willingness to help each other and knowing you have someone who always has your back is always comforting and encouraging.

Any deal closed by any of our team members will be announced to all. AsianPrime culture is that we are always happy to know that someone has a closing and we will congratulate the closing agent. But at the same time, we create a friendly competition among team members, reminding each other to go all out to close more deals!


#3 Reason: Cutting edge Technology & Tools

Today’s agents desire a comprehensive online solution and build personal branding online.  A good personal customised website is a great tool but many websites are almost redundant because of little traffic and hit rate is low on search engines.

Popular property search portals like PropertyGuru only helps to direct buyers or tenants to your listed properties, but it does not help much to introduce you to the customers.

In other words, PropertyGuru is just a road sign to tell others where your home is, whereas your personal website is your home where it introduces you to the visitors.

Build on cutting edge technology and designed by award winning web designer, AsianPrime Web Portal not only helps our agents to build their personal branding, at the same time, it promotes internal co-broking and helps shorten the time to closings!

AsianPrime.sg is a website specially designed for all our team members:

  • Impressive website design by award-winning web designer
  • Networking website with central database
  • Individual agent has their own web portal name to build online personal branding
  • Real time listings
  • For easy co-broking with fellow team members
  • Best for new agents who do not have any listings or with very limited customer base
  • One and only one property website with Property Photo Gallery and detailed description on HDB estates and Private Condominiums, Apartments and Commercial and Industrial properties
  • Auto-generated Fact Sheet for properties
  • Daily Property News updates
  • Buying, Selling and Rental Guides
  • A systematic training program to guide you on how to use the program and the website.

#4 Reason: Proven RE/MAX System

RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in the world with more than 100,000 agents spread across more than 90 countries. RE/MAX has a very successful system that links all the property agencies and agents together.

AsianPrime is proud to be an associate franchise company of RE/MAX. Today, we hold the top brand name and real estate network of an industry leader.

#5 Reason: Real Centre Network

Real Centre Network (RCN), an affiliated training centre of  RE/MAX Singapore, is one of the most recognised and successful CEA approved course providers. Besides providing RES and REA courses, as a RE/MAXian, you get to sign up for a wide range of training courses including CPD courses and WSQ certified classes, at good rates. The i-Business Pack that our agents subscribe yearly includes attending CPD Courses at RCN equivalent to 4 Core CPD Points.

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