About AsianPrime


To be the leader in real estate industry, providing excellent customer service to our customers and constantly creating great values to our salespersons


Ensure customer satisfaction by committing to serve them better
Put together a team of real estate professionals with the highest standard of professionalism and services
Create a positive work environment that motivates all to learn and work hard, and to have fun along the way!

V A L U E S  –  M A R S H E

M  A S T E R Y
– Highly competent realtors with the mastery of skills and knowledge
A  T T I T U D E
– Having the Mindset and Attitude of successful realtors
R  E S O U R C E F U L N E S S
– Always deal skillfully and promptly even in challenging situations
S  I N C E R I T Y
– Always genuine and sincere
H  O N E S T Y
– Always truthful
E  X C E L L E N C E
– We aim to be the best


Looking for a group of passionate realtors, who love their job, hard working, work and learn happily together and at the same time, having lots of fun? That’s AsianPrime!

AsianPrime Properties Pte Ltd was licensed by CEA in September 2014. We decided to join Coldwell Banker Singapore as a franchisee company because we could align our mission and vision, especially on continuous education and professionalism. With this arrangement, we can focus on driving our business and guiding our agents to grow without worrying about administrative work and staffing.

Our vision and mission is what drives our business. Yes, we are a bunch of go-getters! Yes, we are driven and motivated! We believe in providing excellent service to our customers.

Our motivation isn’t purely derived from sales figures alone; they are determined by our passion and belief in making every real estate experience a positive, smooth and enjoyable one.

We will not trade short-term gains with long-term benefits.

We hope you can grow, succeed and realise your full potential with us. Your success is our success!

Read further to understand Coldwell Banker – Home for the Best Agents, why choose AsianPrime Properties, who is Our Leaders.

What our team members say…

“As a new agent in the business I was looking around for a reputable company with a good name in the market and when I received a call from Mr Freddy Tan early this year I was impressed with his sincerity and knowledge of the business over the phone. I walked into DTZ and met Martin and Sherry, who is part of Freddy’s team, for the first time their winning personality, confidence and humility was immediate. I felt very comfortable with both of them and liked their warm and sincere willingness to work with a rookie like me. I was at ease and learnt a lot from both of them. I also felt their support was genuine and their unselfishness in helping me to close my first deal when I was not confident at all made me even more sure that my decision to join them was the right one. The road ahead is not easy especially when you feel that closings and listings are hard to come by but with the fantastic team that I am fortunate to be a part of and the continual support, inspirational words and encouragement I feel with Martin and Sherry, it is worth it. I will perservere because of them and hope to attain their standards and achievements one day.”
Christine Thexeira

“I am so grateful to be in this wonderful team. What I have learnt most is to have passion and integrity when serving our customers. In simple term just how we like to be treated when we are being served. Passion comes before Money and then later money will find the way to follow you.”
Alan Mei

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